They're all I need...
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the GazettE WORLD TOUR13 Documentary
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Ruki thanked fans on twitter today, he talked about how they’ve grown as a band and that we can expect next world tour. That was very special, Ruki, thank you!

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the GazettE WORLD TOUR13 in FINLAND 

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  • Aoi: today budokan is in total chaos, isn't it? ☻
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Ruki: this time, we developed a pink and black divided concept! ok, I’ll keep going. schedule book and iPhone case. 
Ruki: the mirror and make up pouch with the pale tie die pattern. it’s a little paler in reality. 
Ruki: Shushu set. 
Ruki: room wear. again it’s ligther in reality. 
Ruki: ok, for now this was all for the pink linke. Now I’ll do the black line. 
Ruki: long cardigan. 
Ruki: shoulder clutch bag. 
Ruki: posted it before but.. 
leather tote bag. 
Ruki: room diffuser. 
Ruki: NIL DUE/NIL UN necklace. 
Ruki: chain 

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A few of Ruki’s loves today

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Why is this man that awesome …

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